The modern Electron starter kit for macOS

Use Electron with TypeScript, Tailwind CSS and Next.js to build desktop applications at lightning speed.

A $199 $99 one-time purchase for pre-release waitlist members.

Initial pre-release expected Summer 2024.

What’s electrokit?

Electrokit stands on the shoulders of giants: it is an opinionated starter kit built on top of the fantastic Nextron framework, itself an opinionated toolkit for building Electron applications using Next.js.

Why electrokit?

I’ve built a lot of applications over my twenty-year career, including a number of desktop applications. My web-based tech stack of choice for Getting Things Done™ is Next.js, TypeScript and Tailwind CSS, which just so happen to work beautifully with Electron.

Electrokit represents the culmination of the hundreds of hours I’ve spent building, publishing, and writing about desktop applications using this stack, on top of the many thousands of hours I’ve spent building software over the course of my career.

What am I signing up for?

By submitting your email address you’re only registering your interest in electrokit. I’ll email you when the initial pre-release version is available to purchase, and you’ll have the opportunity to buy it for 50% less than everyone else.

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